near Glenora, Prince Edward County

Lake on the Mountain

Adolphustown, Ontario, Canada

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Deb Hudson

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Sunny with a few wispy clouds and no rain in past 24 hrs. Some green algae on the rocks under the surface along the shoreline.

29 Oct 13:30 by Don Ross

Overcast with heavy clouds and sun poking through once in a while. Not much more than 1 MM rain in past 24 hours. Lots of minnows and small fish swimming in the water around the deck. Also saw some wasps around. Spoke with a couple on the deck who asked about the testing I was doing so gave them my Water Rangers chat and left a card with them to go to the site sometime. They thanked me for doing this work, as have many folks I talk with.

07 Sep 14:15 by Don Ross

Partly cloudy, very humid and windy. No rain in past 24 hours but signs of some hopefully arriving later today…badly needed in The County again this summer. Just a lone seagull flying around. Whitecaps on the lake and foamy white stuff collecting on the rocky shore.

08 Aug 09:55 by Don Ross

Lovely clear sunny sky with moderate winds and no rain in past 24 hours. Many tiny minnows and schools of small fish swimming around the rocks near shore where some green algae grows. Dragonflies catching bugs.

09 Jul 14:05 by Don Ross

Sunny and humid day with moderate winds and no rain in past 24 hours. Too hot for birds or wildlife to be around today….just some tourists and a crazy cyclist ….ME! :)

31 May 13:45 by Don Ross

Sunny with a few clouds around. Less than 1 MM rain in past 24 hours. Songbirds can be heard.

02 Apr 13:20 by Don Ross

Sunny day with some thin clouds rolling in proceeding the expected rain to come over the next few days. Had about 4 MM rain in past 24 hours. No wildlife seen or heard.

10 Nov 13:25 by Don Ross

Overcast with some light spitting rain off & on, with moderate winds. Have had over 6MM rain fall in past 24 hrs. No signs of any wildlife here today.

04 Oct 14:10 by Don Ross

Partly cloudy and quite windy day. No rainfall in past 24 hours. No wildlife around….just tourists and visitors to the park. Platform where we used to measure water depth from has been closed for the past year or so for repairs but is now open again so measured from there again instead of just from the shoreline.

07 Sep 13:30 by Don Ross

Sunny day with some haze in the sky and very windy. Many tourists around and some activity on the water, all non-motorized since that’s not permitted on this lake. Some sail boards, kayaks & paddle boats out now. No wildlife to be seen or heard with all this activity .

03 Aug 13:35 by Don Ross