Water source for town of Larder Lake

Glendalough Lake

Ontario, Canada

Kettle Lake located at the base of the Larder Lake ski hill which is fed by artesian well and supplies the water source for the town nearby. Test site was on the south west side of the lake near the bottom of the Axel ski run and mid-point between the pump house and lift house. Shoreline is wet and marshy so wear rubber boots or old shoes to get in along short path to the lake.

Location created by
Heather Ross
  • Lat: 48.0913526
  • Lng: -79.7261524
  • Waterbody Type: Unknown
  • Timezone: America/Toronto

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Cloudy and some snow in past few days. Lake frozen over now.

19 Nov 09:30 by Don Ross

Currently overcast and gusty winds....threatening rain clouds around. Heavily rained overnight.

04 Sep 09:35 by Don Ross

No rainfall in past 24 hours, Sunny and calm day. Some seagulls flying over the lake, crows and lots of birds in the trees singing and squawking.

12 May 09:45 by Heather Ross

Sunny and calm . Water bugs on the surface . Tent caterpillars in some tree branches. Crows seen and heard cawing.

15 Sep 18:30 by Heather Ross

Sunny evening with medium winds. Dragonflies and horseflies in abundance. Some songbirds heard and minnows seen in the water.

22 Jul 17:55 by Don Ross

No rain in past 24 hours. Sunny & humid with some clouds forming. Lots of small minnows in the water and some insects in the shoreline shrubbery.

17 Sep 16:00 by Heather Ross

Sunny and calm winds...some rain past 24 hours, Could hear birds singing in the woods nearby but nothing seen.

01 Jun 20:20 by Heather Ross

Seagulls flying and many birds singing. Schools of small minnows in the pools of water in the marshy land surrounding the shoreline of the lake. Many insects and dragonflies. Sunny warm early evening.

03 Jul 18:15 by Heather Ross