Prescott-Russel Trail Link, Orleans

"Garbage Dump Creek"

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

A small creek running behind the garbage dump on Navan Road. Water flow crosses under the Prescott-Russel Trail Link path through a concrete culvert.

Location created by
Julie Lachapelle
  • Lat: 45.4211815
  • Lng: -75.4959655
  • Waterbody Type: Unknown
  • Timezone: America/Toronto

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Sunny day, light breeze. No rain the past 48 hrs. Water level is very low and stagnant. Faint smell of rotten eggs present and stronger with the breeze. Birds in the surrounding trees. Dump employee asked what we were doing from the other side of the fence near the dump. Mentioned that there was more water further up the trail if we wanted to take tests there instead. He also said that they do their own water sampling tests 3 times per year and that he wasn't worried about the results we would get.

19 Sep 12:22 by Julie Lachapelle

Sunny, light breeze. Rained in past 48 hrs. Saw a small turtle in the creek, it hid under vegetation in the water. Also saw a small frog poke its head out from some of the weeds in the creek. Spotted one tiny minnow swimming downstream. Crows and small birds present in the surrounding trees.

16 Jul 11:45 by Julie Lachapelle

Sunny. Heavy rain in past 48 hrs. Smell of rotten eggs present. Water level high and water very muddy. Crows and other small birds in the trees.

05 Jul 10:08 by Julie Lachapelle

Cloudy, no rain in past 24 hrs. Saw a few tiny minnows swimming downstream. Crows present in the surrounding trees.

25 Jun 10:50 by Julie Lachapelle

Windy. No rain in past 48 hrs. Smell of rotten eggs wafted every once in a while. Birds present in surrounding bushes and trees. Lots of vegetation growth.

09 Jun 17:45 by Julie Lachapelle

Partly cloudy and windy, no smell of rotten eggs this time. No rain in past 24hrs. Crows and birds are present in the bushes and trees. Water level went down quite a bit.

12 May 16:52 by Julie Lachapelle

Sunny, light breeze, smells very strongly like rotten eggs. Birds, crows and ducks hanging out in the surrounding trees and up stream. Rain and wind in the past 24hrs.

03 May 18:30 by Julie Lachapelle

Possibly phragmites. Further east down the Prescott-Russel Trail Link path from the culvert.

03 May 18:28 by Julie Lachapelle