Salt Creek Park Forest Preserve

Salt Creek

Wood Dale, Illinois, United States

Located at the Salt Creek Park Forest Preserve in Wood Dale, Illinois
Typically slow moving creek
Samples taken from the bridge over the Salt Creek just East of Addison Road.

Location created by
Tom Kubica

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Water levels down from previous weeks. Tree that had fallen over West side of bridge has been removed. 1 large log still in water up against bridge.
Saw 8 squirrels.
1 - Double Crested cormorant, 1 = Great Blue heron, 1 - Red-tailed hawk, 3 - Blue jays, 1 - Black-capped chickadee, 2 - Red-bellied woodpeckers, 3 - American Robins, 1 - Northern cardinal, 2 - Song Sparrows, 4 - Red-winged blackbirds.

24 Apr 11:44 by Tom Kubica

Windy rainy Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Arrived at bridge test site but tree had fallen over bridge denying access to middle of bridge, the water sample site. Water sample was taken from the West bank of the creek 50 feet North of the bridge. Sample obtained from the middle of the creek.
First test and retest showed 210 ppm chloride.
Saw 1 - Mallard duck, 1 - Red-bellied woodpecker, 1 - Northern flicker, 3 - Blue jay, 1 - Black-capped chickadee, 3 - American robins, 2- House sparrows, 1 - Song sparrow, 3- Red-winged blackbirds.

17 Apr 11:20 by Tom Kubica

Very nice day. Water still higher by the bridge and flowing faster than normal. Surrounding land is not underwater .
Saw 3 Red-bellied woodpeckers, 1 Hairy woodpecker, 2 Northern Flickers, 1 Blue jay, 1 Brown creeper, 6 American robin, 4 Song sparrows, 1 Red-winged blackbird, 2 Northern cardinal. Heard Chorus frogs. Insects are now out as well.
1 Squirrel.

10 Apr 14:04 by Tom Kubica

Highest and fastest water yet encountered over this measurement period. All ground areas soaked.
Saw 2 Blue jays, 9 male Mallard ducks, 1 Male Cardinal, 1 Robin, 1 Black capped Chickadee, 1 Song sparrow.

03 Apr 12:31 by Tom Kubica

Sunny, chilly windy. Cumulus clouds. Path and grass wet from rains on Tuesday.
Deer prints near bridge.
Saw 3 Squirrels, 1 Red tailed hawk, 1 Eastern Phoebe, 2 Canadian geese, 2 Mallard ducks, 4 Robins, 1 Cardinal, 1 Golden crowned kinglet, 1 Northern Flicker, 1 Hairy woodpecker, 4 Red-bellied woodpeckers, 2 Blue jays.

27 Mar 11:47 by Tom Kubica

Sunny but windy. Wildlife: 4 Squirrels. 1 Red Bellied Woodpecker, 17 Robins. 2 Turkey vultures.

20 Mar 11:42 by Tom Kubica

Warm sunny morning. Water still a bit high. Mud and some standing water in the grassy areas.
Wildlife 2 squirrels, 2 Mallard ducks, 2 Blue jays, 5 American Robins, 1 Northern Cardinal. Heard Spring peepers.
There was a forest preserve worker using a gas powered leaf blower to clean up areas which may account for lack of some wildlife.

13 Mar 11:54 by Tom Kubica

Very windy today. Water levels highest and fastest observed during this testing period. Branches and tree trunk debris piling up against bridge.
Saw: 1- squirrel, 3 Canadian geese, 2 Black-capped chickadees, 1 Cardinal, 1 Robin, 2 Red-bellied woodpeckers, 1 Blue jay, 8 Mallard ducks.

06 Mar 11:50 by Tom Kubica

Saw 4 deer, 4 squirrels, 1 Downy woodpecker, 1 Dark eyed Junco, 6 Robins, 2 Canadian geese and 10 Cedar Waxwings.

28 Feb 11:52 by Tom Kubica

Beautiful sunny, warm and windy day. Creek was clear again.
4 Blue Jays, 2 Red-bellied woodpeckers, 2 Black-capped chickadees.
Heard one frog occasionally peeping.

21 Feb 11:45 by Tom Kubica