Salt Creek Park Forest Preserve

Salt Creek

Wood Dale, Illinois, United States

Located at the Salt Creek Park Forest Preserve in Wood Dale, Illinois
Typically slow moving creek
Samples taken from the bridge over the Salt Creek just East of Addison Road.

Location created by
Tom Kubica

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Nice blue skies, cloud free. Mild winds. Wet ground with some mud in spots.
Creek was very clear. Could see to bottom.
Saw 6 squirrels, 1 Blue jay, 1 American Robin, 1 Red-bellied Woodpecker.

14 Feb 11:27 by Tom Kubica

Bright but completely overcast skies.
Creek lower than last week.
Saw 4 Squirrels, 3 Blue jays, 1 Canadian goose. Saw 1 small brown mammal swimming along the creek show by the bridge.

07 Feb 11:43 by Tom Kubica

Cloudy and windy. Creek was very high overflowing the bank near the bridge in a few spots.
Wildlife: 3 Red Tail hawks, 3 Red-bellied woodpeckers, 1 Blue jay, 1 Black capped chickadee, 5 Canadian geese.
2 Squirrels.

31 Jan 11:45 by Tom Kubica

Reading was over the range for the test strip so gave a reading of 620. Should be 620 +.
River flow was visually faster than previously seen.
Animals sited: 2 Blue jays, 2 Red-Bellied Woodpeckers, 1- Downy Woodpecker.

24 Jan 11:23 by Tom Kubica

Partly cloudy, windy and cold. Crusty snow.
!8 Canadian geese and 12 Mallard ducks on Creek near bridge monitoring site. 1 Red-Bellied Woodpecker nearby.

17 Jan 11:40 by Tom Kubica

Took a resample today as recommended to do occasionally. Same reading. Calling it a "6" on both test strips.
Took a photo of the Test site.
2 squirrels, deer tracks but no deer sited.
2 Blue jays, 1 Red-bellied Woodpecker, 48 Canadian geese(9 in the Creek, the rest in fly bys overhead), 4 Mourning Doves.

10 Jan 11:33 by Tom Kubica

Cloudy and overcast. Very chilly feeling with the wind and b no sun.
Had to take the water sample about 30.5 meters downstream of norm al spot on bridge due to some maintenance workers there.
Saw 2 squirrels, 3 Blue jays, 1 Red bellied woodpecker, 1- Northern cardinal, 2 -mourning doves.

03 Jan 11:54 by Tom Kubica

Quiet day for the most part. Overcast. High water in Creek. No frozen areas in grass.
Spotted 2 Blue jays, 8 Canadian geese, 2 Red Bellied woodpeckers, 3 squirrels.

27 Dec 11:48 by Tom Kubica

Clear skies, low winds.
3 Red-bellied woodpeckers, 8 Canadian geese, 3 Blue jays. Saw deer tracks.
5 squirrels.

20 Dec 12:00 by Tom Kubica

Recorded 36 Canadian geese, 2 Blue jays, 3 Red-bellied woodpeckers and 4 Slate colored Juncos.
6 squirrels.

13 Dec 11:06 by Tom Kubica