Pitville Park outlet of Lower Lake

Wymans Brook

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Fast flowing water below waterfall leaving boating lake. Lake is used for boating, fishing and has waterfowl. What3Words remote.bats.look

Location created by
Giles Alder

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Observation tests summary

Air temperature °C
24.0 Latest
24.0 Average
Water temperature °C
21.7 Latest
21.7 Average
Alkalinity mg/L
240 Latest
240 Average
Hardness mg/L
180 Latest
180 Average
Nitrates ppm
0.0 Latest
0.0 Average
Chlorine ppm
0.0 Latest
0.0 Average
Phosphates total ppm
0.1 Latest
0.1 Average
Conductivity μS/cm
631 Latest
631 Average
pH (0-14)
8.2 Latest
8.2 Average