Tawatinaw River - Town of Athabasca

Tawatinaw River

Athabasca, Alberta, Canada

This location is North of the Highway 55 overpass and about 200 metres south of the confluence with the Athabasca River.

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Lisa Allan

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The testing area has now frozen over. There is below-average snowpack in the area. The center channel of the Athabasca River is still open water.

02 Jan 14:30 by Lisa Allan

The river was partially frozen.

29 Nov 15:45 by Lisa Allan

The water level is very low. The water looked clear to cloudy.

04 Nov 16:00 by Lisa Allan

The water level was significantly different than previous tests. The water was relatively clear steadily flowing.

26 Sep 16:27 by Lisa Allan

The river was slightly high, the Athabasca was also somewhat high.

28 Aug 18:49 by Lisa Allan