Niagara Shores

Lake Ontario

Virgil, Ontario, Canada

The Niagara Shores Firelane 1 Park is one of the few remaining public shorelines in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Rich in history and biodiversity, Niagara Shores offers picturesque views of Lake Ontario and is a popular destination for cycling, swimming, and being immersed in nature.

Public access is available through Firelane 1, off of Lakeshore Rd. Parking is limited, however additional parking is available across the street at Newark Park. The beach is accessed via foot/bike path, followed by a steep trail located on a bank cliff that is home to a large community of endangered Bank Swallows. Exercise caution when accessing the shoreline!

Niagara Coastal's Community-based Water Monitoring Hub began testing recreational water quality at this location in 2022. If you want to get involved in water quality monitoring, email for more information.

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Observation tests summary

Water temperature °C
24.2 Latest
21.7 Average
Alkalinity mg/L
220 Latest
177 Average
Hardness mg/L
150 Latest
142 Average
Dissolved oxygen mg/L
8.8 Latest
11.1 Average
Chlorine ppm
0.0 Latest
0.0 Average
Conductivity μS/cm
313 Latest
314 Average
Secchi depth m
0.6 Latest
0.5 Average
E.coli cfu per 100mL
25 Latest
176 Average
pH (0-14)
8.0 Latest
8.1 Average