Willow Creek

Willow creek drain s into Rondeau Bay Shrewsbury Ont Can

Chatham Kent, Ontario, Canada

Willow creek travels inland towards Rondeau Bay .It is located between Wood st and Princess st Shrewsbury Ont. This location is a cement culvert with parking on Bay side .

Location gps 42.2951875, -81.9338594

Location created by
Rick Sowinski Maggie Jones

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Water flow was slow
Water level normal ,even though it rained day before.Water colour was brown.Water clarity was opaque.Water had no odour . No discharges into canal .Evidence of water use "fishing lure left on culvert"
Lily pads and algae filling in canal,some lily pads opening.Could see minnows on inland side and could hear frogsand birds.An eagle circles around us a couple times then flew towards the bay,a red winged black bird sang to us for awhile during testing.
Algae attaching small matts forming.

26 May 14:43 by Rick Sowinski Maggie Jones

When we got there we saw 5 geese,1 muskrat,lots of birds singing .
The water surface had natural debris (foam,small floating algae,sticks.
There were no evidence of water usage recently but I did uncover and remove a 3/4 buried beer bottle (only the nose sticking out)
There was little bits of algae floating and growing
Water flow was steady
Water level was high
Water colour was brown
Clarity was -cloudy
Odour -none
The old TOMATO from months ago still here, geese droppings not far away,they didn't want it either. Kind of odd to me that its been here for months and not decomposed and eaten by animals or birds or insects ect.
Did not do road slt test as we have had no snow lately
Ice off

31 Mar 13:37 by Rick Sowinski Maggie Jones

We had to do our testing today as we will not be available on dedicated test date and time
The creek was 95% ice covered both sides of road all the way to bay entrance
The centre of culvert had open water.
The vegetation was all brown.
There were no wild life or insects at creek.
There was no algae seen in ice.
There It was cold ,overcast, windy day
We drove around to boat ramp (Shrewsbury ) there was no ice on Rondeau Bay and there was a flock of Mallard ducks

16 Feb 13:13 by Rick Sowinski Maggie Jones

Did not see or hear any wildlife. It has been rain and snow melting last few days. You can see water in fields laying .No ice . And a tomato that has been laying on test site of culvert for last few months is still there,suprised no wildlife has gotten to it and that it has not decomposed yet.
There was natural debris on water
There was no immediate dischagre
There was no evidence of people
There was cyanobacteria algae in west corner from test site
The water was steady
The water was high
The water colour was brown
The water clarity was cloudy
There was no odour
There was no ice

28 Jan 13:08 by Rick Sowinski Maggie Jones

No snow or ice this time. Sides of road had green grass ,but everything else died off. Cool overcast day {had rainfall previous day)No signs of people. We did not see or hear any animals or birds. Water level is low .We did a road salt test and recorded in booklet. Will enter here when I find place ?

29 Dec 13:34 by Rick Sowinski Maggie Jones

There was a thin skim of ice fully across most of creek.
There was natural debris in water below ice layer and some Water Chestnut near culvert both sides.
Water was still. Water level was low , as witnessed shore line widened .
Water color was brown.
Water clarity was cloudy.
No odour around water.
Most vegetation has died except for grass along side of road.
Lots of seagulls in surrounding fields following farmer tilling land.
You could hear the geese close by and some crows, saw a sparrow.
Other than a jogger passing by no evidence of culvert being used this time for fishing ect.

26 Nov 12:55 by Rick Sowinski Maggie Jones

There were lots of birds singing and chirping. The water level looked down even though we had rain last couple days. The lake side of creek centre was mostly clear (80%) of algae but the sides had Watercress (Nasturium) near culvert sides . The reeds were dying off. The grass s on sides were dying off. Water flow was slow. The wind was 14KM/H N/E .The temp was 9*C .There were 2 swans at creek opening in the bay.
On inland side of culvert away from bay some patch s of floating algae. 60% - 70% of creek open now. Waterlilies and Watercress were still present neat culvert. Reeds and grass's dying.
When leaving the test site enroute to test site #2 a BIG BUCK (8-10 point) came running out of a gully onto road right in front of us. Close call , we scared each other ,he was looking suprised .

29 Oct 01:42 by Rick Sowinski Maggie Jones

While testing a Big Blue heron flew in towards lake side. It was resting on a fallen tree to the right.
We could hear some birds but not long enough to I.D.
There were Dragon flies, lots of chirping like Crickets. A White Butterfly, like on previous observations.
The Water was Brown and Cloudy and Still and no Odour. There was Natural debris(leaves ),Scrum, Floating algae . The Water Level was average .
Residential discharge (left side creek we have seen pumping and discharge ,(maybe pool water)
No evidence of fishing or people this time(there was a squashed tomato from last month still present)
Algae (cyanobacteria) and some Attached to lily pads.

01 Oct 12:55 by Rick Sowinski Maggie Jones

We met a couple young girls in kayaks. We shared conversations and they helped us with our observation adding some details for us . They said they spotted turtles,3 heron s ,and a blackbird which later swam in towards us and was fishing (it was a Comorant) It would dive and pop up in another spot or dive and leave its bottom up above water also. Later it flew onto a branch in the water and spread it s wing s in the sun. There was a big Blue dragon fly and a bunch of small black and grey dragon flies. We also saw minnows (cormorant possibly eating them and vegetation) There were small white butterflies (like the cabbage moths in our garden).

The day was sunny and 21*C slight breeze. There was natural debris on water and alittle floating algae. The 2 girls we met in kayak s but not evidence of fishing .There was alittle algae on water small matts (Cyanobacteria)
The water was slow but high .
Water colour was brown.
Water clarity was 30 com visibility looking in,but with Secchi Disk read at 67 cm. The water depth was 1 metre mark when secchi depth tape.
There was no odours.

** We observed on 2 different test applications DISSOLVED OXYGEN a reading of 1.

27 Aug 13:15 by Rick Sowinski Maggie Jones

Could hear different birds ,but did not see them. Could hear frogs but could not see them, we looked
alot . Could see water bugs swimming. Could see a dragon fly (grey/blue).Some pretty flowers (weeds Hedge bind weed) had nice blossom saw 4 of them ,lots of cattails and reeds on both sides . Some natural debris (fallen tree ect )
At culvert there was open water only about 15FT wide for 30-40ft long and tapering to 5Ft- 6ft at end. Farther down stream there was a swath a boat had carved out going to the bay from his dock.
Lately we had lots of heavy rain fall.

30 Jul 02:09 by Rick Sowinski Maggie Jones