Willow Creek

Willow creek drain s into Rondeau Bay Shrewsbury Ont Can

Chatham Kent, Ontario, Canada

Willow creek travels inland towards Rondeau Bay .It is located between Wood st and Princess st Shrewsbury Ont. This location is a cement culvert with parking on Bay side .

Location gps 42.2951875, -81.9338594

Location created by
Rick Sowinski Maggie Jones

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Could hear different birds ,but did not see them. Could hear frogs but could not see them, we looked
alot . Could see water bugs swimming. Could see a dragon fly (grey/blue).Some pretty flowers (weeds Hedge bind weed) had nice blossom saw 4 of them ,lots of cattails and reeds on both sides . Some natural debris (fallen tree ect )
At culvert there was open water only about 15FT wide for 30-40ft long and tapering to 5Ft- 6ft at end. Farther down stream there was a swath a boat had carved out going to the bay from his dock.
Lately we had lots of heavy rain fall.

30 Jul 02:09 by Rick Sowinski Maggie Jones

There were frogs chirping, birds singing, water beetles swimming. Lots of water coverage by lily pads with white flowers. The creek was about 65 %-70 % coverage in lily pads. Natural debris such as tree s and branches. Alittle floating algae (looks like Cyanobacteria ( blue- green ) few small floatig mats of algae . Evidence of fishing as the last 3rd of the creek you can see the path through lilypads from boaters leaving their docks. The water level looked higher than last test. Water was flowing very slowly .Water color was brown . Water clartity was cloudy. There were no odours to water standing on culvert.On right side bank there were Common Birdsfoot Trefoil plants (of the Lotus family) and Red Clover mixed in with grass s ,lots of reeds along shoreline . On North side of road from culvert (facing away from bay) there was about 90 % water coverage from lily pads . More Red Clover to the right mixed in the reeds.

25 Jun 20:13 by Rick Sowinski Maggie Jones

Can access from both sides of the drain. Drain culvert about 22ft across and about 10 ft on each side has water ,then reeds ect to both side shores .Cottages on left facing the Bay
On water surface there was natural debris, lily pads ,sea weed ,a fallen tree.
There was also alittle algae 4 patches attached to sea weed in small patch s about 2"-3" in size .
Evidence of fishing ( worm box as litter, dead minnow on culvert, cigarette butts on culvert. Water level was average (you could see a mark on culvert 3 " about present water line. Water color was green/brown, cloudy no odours

28 May 13:09 by Rick Sowinski Maggie Jones