Compton Common: Stream that passes through pipe under path (East side)

Stream at Compton Common

Farncombe, Surrey, United Kingdom

Water is moving but more slowly than the previous weekend. Maximum depth ~9".Evidence of silt. Water is clear to the bottom of the stream.

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Trevor Murrells

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Bottom of stream was quite sandy.

30 Mar 08:40 by Trevor Murrells

Some dead leaves at the bottom of the stream, near the banks. The water level was above average.

29 Dec 12:45 by Trevor Murrells

The water level was about a third to a half way up the pipe. Upstream, now the vegetation has died away, I could see that this stream is fed by two other streams.

24 Nov 08:20 by Trevor Murrells

This stream has returned to the level (depth & flow), after the recent rainfall, seen in the spring

27 Oct 07:55 by Trevor Murrells

The stream has been dry for a while but a pond has now been created, probably as consequence of recent rainfall that has been heavy at times.

24 Sep 08:10 by Trevor Murrells

Not tested. Stream still dry. A local person (the same person we encountered at the corner of Withies Lane/Polsted Lane) said this stream historically often dries out in the summer.

28 Aug 13:15 by Trevor Murrells

The stream at this location is now dry so no testing was conducted

28 Jul 08:00 by Trevor Murrells

This stream now consists of a small pond. If there is no rain over the next month it will be completely dry.

23 Jun 08:05 by Trevor Murrells

Last month the water was moving but not this month.

26 May 07:40 by Trevor Murrells

Not much evidence of plant life in the stream. Evidence of silting/drowned worms. The water was flowing more slowly than when I visited the previous weekend.

22 Apr 08:20 by Trevor Murrells