South Lancaster Wharf

St. Lawrence River

Ontario, Canada

The Wharf is a historical landmark that looks out over the St. Lawrence river. Its a popular relaxation/fishing/swimming spot for locals and is flanked by a row of colourful boathouse on its right side.
The water here is deep and the terrain rocky at the end of the wharf, but becomes shallow and soft-bottomed closer to the shore. Near the shore, there is high organic/sand content and lots of aquatic plant cover.

Danger may be potential fishhooks on the pavement or in the water, and the large slippery rocks in the water can be difficult to stand/walk on.

Location created by
Emma Ehrenfeld

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Osprey, mourning doves,
Zebra mussels
Round gobies, sunfish sp.,

11 Aug 09:00 by Emma Ehrenfeld

The water was very wavy and active.

Birds: Double crested cormorants, gull sp.
Plants: Phragmites, Eurasian Milfoil, chara algae, tapegrass, coontail,
Fish: Sunfish sp., large mouth bass, perch, round gobies.
Bivalve mollusks: Zebra mussels.
Invasive species: Round gobies, zebra mussels, eurasian milfoil, pragmites.

04 Aug 15:38 by Emma Ehrenfeld