Yellow Island

St. Lawrence River

Quebec, Canada

Sandy shelf that extends out into river (you can walk a good distance out and only be at waist level), Heavy erosion on island causing lots of trees to fall into water.

Coordinates: 45.016480 -74.617606

Location created by
Emma Ehrenfeld

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Plants: Star grass, tape grass, coontail, elodea, willow trees
Fish: BROWN BULLHEAD, banded killifish, brook stickleback, white sucker, FALLFISH, bluntnose minnow, Johnny darter, tubenose goby, round goby
Crustaceans: Virile crayfish, rusty crayfish

Invasive species: Rusty crayfish, round and tubenose gobies.

02 Aug 10:00 by Emma Ehrenfeld