Groups are organizations with their own testing protocols. They can be Lake Associations, Citizen groups or official government organizations.

St. Johns Riverkeeper

St. Johns Riverkeeper team

Areas monitored:
We're located in Jacksonville, but cover the entire St. Johns River watershed.

Water Rangers

Ocean Explorers Team

Areas monitored:

Bonnechere River Watershed Project


Areas monitored:
Bonnechere River and other watersheds in Renfrew County

Water Rangers


Areas monitored:
Across Canada


Sharbot Lake Water Monitoring

Areas monitored:
Upper end of Sharbot Lake Lower end of Sharbot Lake Elbow Lake (From Sharbot. Flows into Fall River)

Bonnechere River watershed

Lake Clear

Areas monitored:
Lake Clear Watch is part of the Bonnechere River Watershed Project (BRWP) Watch program which in turn is part of Ottawa Riverkeeper's Riverwatch group.

Fédération des Lacs de Val-des-Monts

Lac McGlashan et Girard

Areas monitored:
Lac McGlashan and Girard are just off Highway 307 near the turn for Highway 366.

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