About DataStream

Like Water Rangers, DataStream is an open data repository designed to make water quality data easier to access and share.

How are Water Rangers and DataStream different?

While Water Rangers and DataStream are similar in many ways, there are a few key differences between the two platforms. Most notably, Water Rangers is designed with community monitors in mind. We want to make it as easy (and fun) as possible for anyone to collect, view, and share water quality data!

DataStream's goals are similar, but their platform is built to be used by policy-makers and researchers, too.

Why should I share my data with DataStream?

Sharing your data with DataStream will allow it to reach more people. The more visible and accessible your data is, the more likely it will be used to inform research and policy.

What are the privacy implications of sharing my data with DataStream?

DataStream is an open access repository, just like Water Rangers. This means that the privacy implications aren't all that different! For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy and DataStream's Terms of Use.

How do I get started?

If you choose to share your data with DataStream, we'll contact you to walk you through the process.

Still have questions? Get in touch.