About DataStream

DataStream is an open data platform designed to make water quality data easier to access and share. Now through an automated connection, groups using Water Rangers can automatically choose to share their data on DataStream too. 

How are Water Rangers and DataStream different?

While both platforms store water quality data, Water Rangers' focus is on providing community tools to help you and your community collect long-term water quality data and our tools help community groups and researchers motivate participants in real-time. DataStream is broader in scope and includes data collected by researchers, governments, and other community-based monitoring groups using a variety of collection methods. By bringing this data together in one place, it can be used to answer questions from the local to regional scale.

Why should I publish my data on DataStream?

We want to help YOUR water quality data reach more people! DataStream is fully open access and brings together data from a diversity of sources and so sharing your data on DataStream will allow it to reach more people. The more visible and accessible your data is, the more likely it will be used to inform research and policy.  

How do I get started?

When you create or edit your group, you'll see an option to 'Share with DataStream'. Once you select that for your group, we'll contact you to ensure your dataset is a good fit and walk you through the process. Please note! You must have a consistent testing schedule in process or planned.

Still have questions? Get in touch.