Pet Animal Candidates for Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) - 2021 Guide


Mental health is an important subject that has gained its due attention in recent years. People know that mental or emotional difficulties are now considered serious problems that can affect people’s lives. This can render them useless in their daily tasks and make them avoid their much-needed interactions, etc. 



To behave normally these people can have support from family members, friends, or the emotional support animals. Keeping a pet as an emotional support animal can give you the support that you want to lead a normal life. Moreover, an emotional support dog letter and travel allows you to be with your pet in your house/ apartment and also be with your pet during your air travel. This helps the people curb their problems and deal with them calmly with their emotional support animal providing constant companionship. 


ESA Letter and its benefits


The ESA letter is a letter signed and stamped by a licensed mental health specialist giving you permission to have your pet animal as an emotional support animal. The letter will be provided to you via online ESA letter services or by in-person sessions with a mental health specialist. In food diet can dogs eat blueberries, yes they can. Blueberries are a superfood rich in antioxidants, which prevent cell damage in humans and canines alike. In both cases, your condition will be assessed and scrutinized before coming to a decision.


For you to be granted an ESA Letter for your pet animal, it should be clear that you will benefit from having the pet animal around and that it will help you towards achieving a mental well being.


ESAs enjoy various benefits and rightly so. These special benefits are put there so that the people with mental health problems can be in the constant companionship of their ESAs, to allow them to function normally and in control.


Through the Air Carrier Access Act of 1986, no airline carrier can bar your emotional support animal to get onboard the plane with you in the passenger cabin, unless and until you have the appropriate ESA letter. Though it is advisable to inform the Airline Carriers beforehand, so they can prepare a proper space for you and your pet in the passenger cabin. 


Through the Fair Housing Act and other federal laws, the homeowners cannot bar your entry or cannot refuse to hand the property over for rent on the basis of the unlawful no-pet policies. For vitamins can dogs eat strawberries? Yes, Strawberries are full of fiber and vitamin C. They are further not allowed to charge extra expenses such as pet fees. This also extends to various workspaces as well as university dorms.


Types of ESAs


There are many animals which you can keep as ESAs, some of them other than dogs are:


  • Miniature houses: The mini horse is a short sized horse that rises to only about 30-34 inches. They are proportionally the same sized as a full-grown normal horse. The miniature horse is a great companion who loves to show love and affection towards their companions. They however need proper grooming and a large space for them to get their exercise. They can be trained to do various things and obey commands and since they live up to 30 years, you will live with this animal for a long time.  



  • Cats: There are millions of cat owners around America. Cats are known to show affection and exude an aura of calm. These animals love to curl up alongside you and purr sitting on your lap. They will help you take your mind away from things and will entertain you by goofing around. With a little effort, you can train your cats to be well-behaved always



  • Birds: There are many species of birds kept as pets with the most popular birds being Macaws, Cockatiel, and Budgerigars. Birds are small in size and are easily transported or taken along with. These birds are very intelligent and even have the ability to speak and copy words.