Astrological Sign: Aquarius
DH Mountain Biker, SUP racer, intuitive naturalist. I have a passion for botany and sometimes forget how much room I have in my garden.

I love the outdoors but it feels like I don't get out as much as I would prefer. I love this program because it lets me submit samples and explore areas I might not have paid much attention to before. My sample sites are located within Greater Madawaska and the Whitewater Region. Born and raised on the shores of Georgian Bay, on the largest freshwater beach in the world. Water has played an important role developing my passion for environmental issues facing our freshwater ecosystems.
Phosphorus nerd.


Experience conducting stream assessments and flow measurements.

Class 2 Electrofishing
OSAP Headwaters Drainage Feature Certification
Constrained & Unconstrained Headwater Sampling

OIT Certified for Drinking water systems, wastewater systems, collection and distribution.