I grew up on Fowl River, as did the past 2 generations in my family. I love the river, having skied and fished in it my whole life. I am passionate about protecting this river as it is a place of beauty and abundant life. I have been the zone captain for the Alabama Coastal Cleanup for Fowl River for over 10 years. My degree is in Secondary Science Education, with an emphasis in Marine Science. We lost our home in a flash flood on Fish River in Baldwin County several years ago, and I have seen first hand what stormwater mismanagement can do. Our family has recently relocated to Fowl River and have enjoyed getting back in to the community as we build our new home on Fowl River!


I have had training with AWW for the past 20 years on and off- I have monitored sporadically while I was in college. I have a background in education, and have used the AWW program to teach children ranging from elementary to high school.