St. Lawrence River : St. Lawrence River

Hogansburg, New York, United States

Observed by
Emma Ehrenfeld
pH (0-14) What's this? 7.2
Dissolved oxygen mg/L What's this? 7.5
Secchi depth (m) What's this? 5.4
Hardness mg/L What's this? 100.0
Alkalinity mg/L What's this? 80.0
Water depth (m) What's this? 6.86
Conductivity μS/cm What's this? 301.0
Air temperature °C What's this? 19.0
Water temperature °C What's this? 17.5



Current weather What's this?
  • cloudy
  • rainy
An overcast sky and consistent misty rain.
Weather in previous 24 hours What's this?
  • sunny
  • windy
Sunny and humid, windy, rain later in the day.

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Saw some double-crested cormorants, bank swallows, and heard some American crows.