Pt. Petre Provincial Wildlife Area : Lake Ontario at Soup Harbour

Ontario, Canada

Observed by
Don Ross
  • Observed on: Sat, 08 Jun 2019 13:55 EDT
  • Associated with:
    Water Rangers : Testers
  • Lat: 43.8540418
  • Lng: -77.1600294

Water Quality Tests

pH (0-14) What's this? 8.1
Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L) What's this? 8.0
Secchi Depth (m) What's this? bottom visible
Hardness (mg/L) What's this? 200.0
Alkalinity (mg/L) What's this? 120.0
Water Depth (m) What's this? 0.2
Conductivity (uS/cm) What's this? 325.0
Air Temperature ℃ What's this? 26.0
Water Temperature ℃ What's this? 9.3
Phosphates total (ppm) What's this? 3.0


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Sunny day with medium winds and no rainfall in past 24 hours. Lake is calm but much further up along the shoreline than least 8-10 metres....but given how the limestone ledges here are so flat and extend out into the lake so far, the actual water depth doesn't very much . Lots of seagulls around squawking and flying about.