Byram Swinging Bridge : Pearl River

Jackson, Mississippi, United States

Observed by
Robert McAdory

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Observation Report

Water Quality Tests

E.coli per 100mL What's this? 4066.0
Other Coliform per 100mL What's this? 17844.0
Total Coliform per 100mL What's this? 21910.0
Air Temperature ℃ What's this? 6.0
Incubation Time (hours) What's this? 31.0
Water Temperature ℃ What's this? 11.0
Incubation Temperature ℃ What's this? 35.0


No unusual smells or colors; no animals; no tourists on the Swinging Bridge; dog that lives adjacent to west parking area seen in parking area; current > 3 ft/sec in mid stream of river; no wind. Current in collection area swirling and evident but < 1 ft/sec. Sky cloudy to partly cloudy. No rain in last 24 hours but with large discharges from upstream reservoir due to heavy watershed wide rains two days earlier; water level 10 - 15 ft higher than 12-01-18 observations, and the upstream gage was steady-to-slow-rise. Water was clear to a half to one foot. Adequate depth.
N.B.: Coliform results should be reported as 4100 and 17800 to be correct wrt number of significant figures, but I have opted to go with the AWW convention.