Testing must be done at a lab.

Total Coliform

Safe levels

  • less than 1 coliforms/100mL: Safe for drinking
  • under 100 coliforms/100mL: Safe for swimming
  • under 200 coliforms/100mL: Safe for fishing and boating
  • above 200 coliforms/100mL: AVOID!

What is Total Coliform?

Total coliform is a grouping of all bacteria found in the water that came from either soil, or human and animal waste. It is the sum of all E.Coli, other Coliform and other Coliform found in a 100mL sample of water. other Coliform is a sub-group of Total Coliform as it only relates to bacteria found in warm-blooded animals.

How is it measured?

Total Coliform is measured in a lab and it takes 24 hours to get your results. The lab give you special containers and teach you how to make sure your sample isn't contiminated.