Off the dock for 4221 Lewis Loop Road South Theodore, Al 36582 : Fowl River

Theodore, Alabama, United States

Observed by
Theodore F. Henken

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Observation Report

Water Quality Tests

pH (0-14) What's this? 6.5
E.coli per 100mL What's this? 0.0
Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L) What's this? 6.9
Hardness (mg/L) What's this? 50.0
Turbidity (JTU) What's this? 5.0
Alkalinity (mg/L) What's this? 25.0
Other Coliform per 100mL What's this? 400.0
Dissolved Oxygen (%) What's this? 67.0
Air Temperature ℃ What's this? 13.0
Incubation Time (hours) What's this? 47.0
Water Temperature ℃ What's this? 14.0
Incubation Temperature ℃ What's this? 34.0


I have had high total colonies and high e-coli over the last two months. This month I took a upstream and a downstream sample. Mobile Bay keepers also took samples. my samples showed no e-coli in the normal sample and only 1 colony in the ustream sample. the results were upstream 100 e coli and 800 general. the downstream showed 0 e coli an 500 general. I have not heard back from Mobile Bay keepers with their numbers.