Pt. Petre Provincial Wildlife Area : Lake Ontario at Soup Harbour

Observation Report



  • Bird
  • 8.7pH(0-14)
  • 21.8Water Temperature
  • 25.0Air Temperature
  • 8.0Dissolved Oxygen(mg/L)
  • bottom visibleSecchi Depth(m)
  • 285Conductivity(uS/cm)
  • 100Alkalinity(mg/L)
  • 175Hardness(mg/L)
  • 0.1Water Depth(m)


Sunny and calm evening with gentle wave action. Minimal rainfall the past few weeks. 3 adults and child partying here playing loud music. Dead cormorant just up on the high edge of parking area before stepping down to the rock beach. May contact Dept of Fisheries tomorrow to ask if they care for any reporting of dead waterfowl. Sunny evening with calm winds and light waves.