Osze Beach 16-2

Wakaw Lake

Saskatchewan, Canada

Freshwater lake

Location created by
Dr. Brian Skulski

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Samples taken from shore. Water clear and weed free. Large flock of geese observed near shore.

14 Nov 14:00 by Dr. Brian Skulski

Sampling done from shore.
Several large flocks of Canadian geese on the water.
Water was clear on the shore with no signs of algae or weeds.

22 Oct 11:00 by Dr. Brian Skulski

Samples and temperature taken from shore. Water appeared clear, with minimal algae growth. Weed growth observed at lake bottom during the summer is gone.

29 Sep 13:59 by Dr. Brian Skulski

Testing done from shore as dock has been removed for the winter. Secchi depth not applicable. Water clear at time of testing from shore. Minimal weed growth. Nothing of note to report.

15 Sep 17:01 by Dr. Brian Skulski

Smoke haze

01 Sep 13:00 by Dr. Brian Skulski

Moderate amounts of green algae. No unusual odours.

30 Jul 07:30 by Dr. Brian Skulski

Water relatively clear with the beginning of bottom weed growth.
App not allowing photos to be taken.

29 Jun 19:08 by Dr. Brian Skulski

Sample taken from shore.

11 May 09:00 by Dr. Brian Skulski

Water clear with no visible algae or aquatic weed growth.
Several flocks of Canadian Geese noted.
Testing completed this weekend as I will not be able to next weekend.

22 Oct 14:30 by Dr. Brian Skulski

Little algae visible. Decreased weed growth since last observation.

23 Sep 10:48 by Dr. Brian Skulski