Osze Beach 16-2

Wakaw Lake

Saskatchewan, Canada

Freshwater lake

Location created by
Dr. Brian Skulski

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Water clear with no visible algae or aquatic weed growth.
Several flocks of Canadian Geese noted.
Testing completed this weekend as I will not be able to next weekend.

22 Oct 14:30 by Dr. Brian Skulski

Little algae visible. Decreased weed growth since last observation.

23 Sep 10:48 by Dr. Brian Skulski

Secchi disc visible to 80 cm which was at lake bottom from testing site off of the dock at this location. Severe thunderstorm 3 days prior with approx. 5 cm of rain over the weekend. Fairly heavy weed growth noted at lake bottom otherwise water relatively clear at testing site. Photo taken from end of our dock showing weed growth in lake. I had been away over this past weekend and so testing done today.

30 Aug 16:45 by Dr. Brian Skulski

Increased weed growth on lake bottom since last test. Nothing further of note.

29 Jul 08:56 by Dr. Brian Skulski

Water clear. Free of weeds at this time. A group of 12 pelicans were observed feeding near the test site just prior to completing testing.

24 Jun 07:52 by Dr. Brian Skulski

The day previous to testing, June 4, had a high temp of 21. Winds were light. St time of testing on June 5, there were gusty S.E. winds of 30 to 40 km. Disc was visible to 80 cm which was lake bottom at the testing sight.

29 May 06:19 by Dr. Brian Skulski