Sharbot Lake East Basin

Ontario, Canada

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On route to test location, observed Bald Eagle nest with two large young birds. They were stretching their wings and moving from branch to branch all around the nest.

23 Jul 17:25 by Guy MacLeod

Mix of sun and cloud. Moderate north wind. Moderate north wind yesterday, small amount of rain yesterday afternoon.

24 Sep 09:25 by Philip Rank

Sunny day. Very few light clouds. Slight breeze. Had been sunny and warm for past 3 days.

24 Jun 09:15 by Guy MacLeod

Sun & Cloud mix. Steady wind from North blowing 9-17 kph. Had a heavy downpour in previous 24 hours.

24 May 09:25 by Guy MacLeod

Previous 24 hours had been sunny and no rain. Calm & clear sky.
Note: Major down burst had occurred on Sept 21

27 Sep 07:30 by Guy MacLeod

Sunny day. No rain in past 24 hours. Testing for Total Phosphorus only. Secchi depth was 5.5 meters so sampled to 11.0 meters. Sample tested by Caduceon Labs in Kingston.

25 Aug 08:45 by Guy MacLeod

Had not rained in past 24 hours. Today was sunny, very few clouds. Slight breeze.

19 Aug 10:25 by Guy MacLeod

Had not rained in previous 24 hours. Clear sky. Steady breeze.

27 Jul 19:00 by Guy MacLeod

Light rain in previous 24 hours. Today is warm, slight breeze. Clear sky.

22 Jun 10:20 by Guy MacLeod

Had rained in previous 24 hours. Today was sun, slight wind with low humidity.

23 May 16:43 by Guy MacLeod