Upper Albion Falls

Redhill Creek

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Location created by
Bay Area Restoration Council

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The water seemed murky/ not very clear

15 Oct 11:45 by Alyssa Naguit

There were a few ducks swimming around. The water didn’t look very clear. It was a bit murky.

15 Oct 11:39 by Alyssa Naguit

No smells, high water level with debris due to recent rain, gray catbird at site, many robins in the area, redwing blackbird nest with three nestlings in the area seen being fed by momma

12 Jun 20:20 by Sherry O’Connor

No smells, gray catbird, red wing blackbird, frog, water had a bit of bubbles/foam

04 Jun 20:40 by Sherry O’Connor

Honeysuckle, buckthorn, mallard downstream, eastern phoebes, redwing blackbirds, frog, slow flowing stream, person sleeping downstream

28 May 19:40 by Sherry O’Connor

Shallow flowing stream
Mallard pair

22 May 17:12 by Sherry O’Connor

There was 12 mallard ducks in the containment pond next to the stream. Six male and six female. One garter snake on the path.

04 Nov 13:20 by Ian Branston

Feb 1, 2023 : conducivity changed from 2.08 μS/cm (mS/cm) to 2080 μS/cm by Jonas

29 Jun 11:51 by BARC Intern

No time recorded