McKenzie Underpass Forest/Columbine Riffle

Swan Creek

Esquimalt, British Columbia, Canada

Downstream of the McKenzie overpass, at the constructed riffle where streamside restoration has also taken place.

Location created by
Roxanne van Velzen

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now 2 skunk cabbage plants in zone about 8' apart (self multiplied)
ALSO 100+ shoreline grass 'plugs' planted to create better riparian flood zone

26 Mar 13:50 by John Coates

Trail walkers curious of my 'activity'. It's always a positive 'environmental' interaction with the public about their Park.

29 Dec 10:50 by John Coates

Final streamside restoration by Saanich Parks & PSSS re: effective eradication of Reed Canary Grass in 2013 to this shaded reach using native willow, alder and red cedar and FofSC volunteer control of Himalayan Blackberry.

28 Nov 12:10 by John Coates

small amount of unique brown substance collecting in riffle rocks (not oily)

25 Jul 14:45 by John Coates

consistent turbidity with downstream

28 Feb 12:55 by John Coates

two passersby stopped to inquire what I was doing! Able to share that the H2O quality is looking good for this season when the Coho & CTTrout were actively spawning. == 14 - 20 sighted in riffles & pools. 400+ Coho and 140+ sea run Cutthroat counted in mainstem Colquitz R. >>> the water levels have slowed to a good flow > now we'll wait to see how the eggs form and fry come to life!!

24 Jan 12:30 by John Coates

higher water levels healthy for spawners >> anecdotal sightings by local path walkers.

01 Dec 14:10 by John Coates

Water levels rising and increased flow is clearing some duckweed.

25 Oct 12:50 by John Coates

Planting of saplings in Oct.2014 to eradicate Reed Canary Grass (thrives on open sunlight!) has created a beautifully Cool shady stream site.

23 Aug 09:45 by John Coates

Must identify this new water plant as invasive or friendly

24 May 11:10 by John Coates