Harms Woods/Glenview Woods

North Branch of the Chicago River

Glenview, Illinois, United States

Location created by
Mac Austin

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Partly cloudy, light breeze, river still high, no muskrat sightings for the past several visits. Its den looks flooded.

16 Mar 16:03 by Mac Austin

Heavy rain and then snow in the last week. River very high and almost no ice left.

20 Feb 15:00 by Mac Austin

Muskrat still living and swimming around by the bridge.

31 Jan 13:25 by Mac Austin

Took water from the southeast side of the bridge because I was unable to get down to the river and past the ice on the north side of the bridge where I normally take the water from. The edge of the river and much of the river bank were slick and slippery with ice. Had to break through the ice at river's edge to get to the water.
Deep freeze in past week; warming slowly over the past few days. High thin clouds with small patch of clear.

12 Jan 13:00 by Mac Austin

Snowstorm previous night. Major rain a week ago. Light snow after rainstorm but melted before salting of roads, at least in the immediate area. River very high.

02 Jan 14:23 by Mac Austin

2:14 pm; mostly sunny. Saw a muskrat.

21 Dec 14:02 by Mac Austin