Ridgemoor Park

Flagg Creek

Hinsdale, Illinois, United States

Location created by
Stephanie Rens-Domiano

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So silty! Bud buds are popping and so many kids in the local park!

06 Apr 15:20 by Stephanie Rens-Domiano

Very murky, water level high from all the rain lately. Red-winged blackbirds, robins and white-breasted nuthatches in the area.

15 Mar 12:20 by Stephanie Rens-Domiano

This was the highest chloride I've measured at this location. Measured 8.2 which seems off scale at >620. Water very silty but flowing.
Feels and smells very springy, red-winged blackbirds, mourning doves and robins are back.

03 Mar 15:00 by Stephanie Rens-Domiano

All of the snow and most of the ice is now gone. Still kind of muddy. Nice to have the sun out today. Water is flowing nicely.

03 Feb 15:00 by Stephanie Rens-Domiano

Site was ice covered last week so unable to measure. With all the rain and snow melt the ice is mostly off and water level higher than normal. Also vary silty.

26 Jan 11:30 by Stephanie Rens-Domiano

Saw a killdeer and redwing blackbirds while I was there. Water quite high and moving pretty quickly.

05 Apr 11:45 by Stephanie Rens-Domiano

Sandhill cranes flying overhead. Water flow is high, ground very wet and muddy.

01 Mar 13:30 by Stephanie Rens-Domiano

So much salt residue still on the roads from the winter weather event the other day. Little snow accumulation here and there.

18 Feb 13:44 by Stephanie Rens-Domiano

This is the first time I’ve been able to measure at the site since getting my permit because of ice.
Because we are expecting a wintry mix today, I’ve seen salt trucks in the area since last night

16 Feb 10:00 by Stephanie Rens-Domiano

Water very high and silty

01 May 12:50 by Stephanie Rens-Domiano