Old Fort Bayou Draw Bridge Boat Launch

Old Fort Bayou - Back Bay Biloxi

Ocean Springs, Mississippi, United States

Boat launch under Old Fort Bayou draw bridge off of Washington Avenue between St. Martin and Downtown Ocean Springs. Eastside of the bridge near fishing pears; 3423 Washington Ave, Ocean Springs MS 39564; 30.418998, -88.827725.

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Beth Baker

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22 Mar 13:20 by Tim Kirkman

the observation point for this location has changed slightly. The over-growth on the bank on the west side of the bayou is making access very difficult. The boat launch is being rebuilt and will be closed for an extended length of time.
The revised location is on the e East side of the bayou under the bridge with very easy "beach" access.
The location is 30.418988 -88.827725

13 Sep 10:40 by Tim Kirkman

very high tide

19 Apr 14:30 by Tim Kirkman

Rey Weinzirl also attended.

17 Oct 09:00 by Jenn Weinzirl

Observed by: Jennifer Weinzirl and Rey Weinzirl
MSWS Code: HUC 12.

08 Sep 09:00 by Jenn Weinzirl