Big Rideau Lake - end of Noble's Bay

Big Rideau Lake

Ontario, Canada

Location created by
Steve Nichol

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Ducks and geese present.

22 Sep 18:00 by Steve Nichol

Usual scattered lily pads

28 Aug 14:53 by Steve Nichol

Lily pads and some weeds as per usual. No sign of Algae at water surface.

30 Jul 19:15 by Steve Nichol

Clumps of green algae in evidence in the west end of the bay.

23 Jun 19:20 by Steve Nichol

chloride reading of 0ppm moved to "chlorine" by admin

22 Jun 16:42 by Doris Albert

chloride reading of 0ppm moved to "chlorine" by admin

18 Jun 14:11 by Doris Albert

Cormorant observed in vicinity

30 Jul 10:50 by Steve Nichol

Considerable depth of silt on the bottom.

28 Jun 10:44 by Steve Nichol

Beaver seen on the shoreline.

30 May 20:07 by Steve Nichol

Sunny clear
Same yesterday.
Algal blooms see in deeper water.

20 Sep 12:31 by Doris Albert