Briton Bay - End of Bay

Briton Bay on Big Rideau Lake

Ontario, Canada

Location created by
Graham Strachan

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Bay is super shallow and over grown with plants and dead trees sticking out of the water

25 Sep 11:31 by Graham Strachan

Cloudy, very windy , colder

26 Sep 12:37 by Graham Strachan

Rainy , cold

27 Jul 11:32 by Graham Strachan

Cloudy, sunny and breezy

03 Jul 10:52 by Graham Strachan

Sunny , cloudy , light breeze

30 May 11:53 by Graham Strachan

No obvious plant growth visible.

02 Jun 15:54 by Debbie Bagg

Weed beds and water lilies present.

11 Aug 13:05 by Debbie Bagg

Lot's of algae
Sunny Breaks ...
Moderate rain event in preceding 24 hours
hot humid and calm
Total Chlorine ..2
pH ..9

30 Jun 21:51 by William Grant Leslie

Overcast , no wind

27 May 09:36 by Doris Albert