Big Rideau Lake

Portland, Ontario, Canada

Location created by
RVCA Lake Monitoring Program
  • Lat: 44.7005001
  • Lng: -76.186
  • Waterbody Type: Lake
  • Timezone: America/Toronto

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Calm & cloudy day

23 Aug 12:35 by Martin Lalumière

Hot sunny cloudy
Rain on the way
Patches of algae floating

05 Jul 15:12 by Doris Albert

Water clear
Geese landed
Slight breeze , sunny

15 May 09:42 by Doris Albert

Sunny clear

20 Sep 13:23 by Doris Albert

Water clear to bottom with weeds clearly visible. No suspended mud at this test location.

25 Aug 09:25 by Ann White

Water clear, short weeds visible on the bottom, small algae bloom on surface beside steel dock

20 Jul 21:50 by Ann White

There were no significant changes in the surrounding test environment.

06 Jul 13:07 by Ann White

Test site at corner of steel framed slip next to Bayview Harbour long dock.

02 Jun 20:08 by Ann White

"Lawn slopes to rusty retaining wall

Sample: B16-21253-1