House pier

Theodore Reservoir

Saskatchewan, Canada

Location created by
Jerry Cheshuk

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Water quite green. Lots of algae.

18 Aug 11:41 by Jerry Cheshuk

Lots of rain in the last month. Visibility dropped a huge amount since last year.

26 Jun 10:15 by Jerry Cheshuk

Water level high. Stirred up from the wind. Clarity is decreased. Results are half of last year's from all the run off.

26 May 15:40 by Jerry Cheshuk

Crayfish on the bottom. Lots of algae on shore. Robin's egg on the pier.

28 Jun 07:03 by Jerry Cheshuk

Algae on the shore and bottom of the lake. Northern Pike spotted.

14 Jun 13:52 by Jerry Cheshuk

Ducks and loons floating around. Lots of algae on shore.

08 Jun 13:31 by Jerry Cheshuk

Water fairly clear, lightly tannine stained. No algae present yet. To be expected. Mallard ducks. Pelicans just arrived.

30 May 14:45 by Jerry Cheshuk