Rocky Edges

Thames River

Chatham Kent, Ontario, Canada

Location created by
Morena McDonald
  • Lat: 42.4145103
  • Lng: -82.1756068
  • Waterbody Type: River
  • Timezone: America/Toronto

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We tried water testing at dusk! It was fun but a bit difficult to see, as expected :) We haven’t been able to test here for a while because of flooding but seems to be good now!

20 Oct 18:48 by Morena McDonald

We heard in the news about a discolouration in the river. It looks like an oil spill but reports say it’s algae. We haven’t heard anything more about it, but we got some pictures.

12 Aug 19:44 by Morena McDonald

My friend and his kids completed this test for me while I was on vacation! They’ve been out testing before so they were well trained. They wrote the values in the book and sent me a picture right away so I could use the app to submit the data!

26 Jul 20:11 by Morena McDonald

Lots of rainfall the past few days! Our testing location is underwater, but still accessible. While we wanted to do a DO test, the water that we could access was too shallow. The nearby boat launch is under water as well!

27 Jun 12:30 by Morena McDonald

Chlorine 0.5 conductivity meter not functioning therefore unable to do conductivity

13 Jun 15:26 by Kathy Thompson