S Main St. Bridge

Sellers Creek

Mendenhall, Mississippi, United States

Sellers Creek is a left-bank tributary of the Strong River in the Middle Pearl River watershed. The creek flows east to west along the southern edge of Mendenhall, MS. It empties into the Strong River at a point just above D'Lo Water Park. The western border of Simpson County is formed by the Pearl River.

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Karen Felder

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Observations summary

Other Invasive
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Observation tests summary

Air temperature °C
27.5 Latest
25.6 Average
Water temperature °C
20.5 Latest
20.1 Average
Total coliform ppm
12667 Latest
5742 Average
Total coliform (cfu per 100mL)
5167 Latest
5139 Average
Incubation temperature °C
36.0 Latest
33.4 Average
E.coli (cfu per 100mL)
700 Latest
1301 Average
Other coliform (cfu per 100mL)
4467 Latest
4281 Average
Incubation time (hours)
46.0 Latest
37.6 Average
Water depth (m)
1.0 Latest
1.0 Average