Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay, south of the mouth of Weeks Bay, at our Bay House (second house from mouth of Weeks Bay)

Mobile Bay

Foley, Alabama, United States

On Friday, 10 July 2020, in the afternoon, while at our Bay House on Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay (second house from mouth of Weeks Bay, with pilings from a pier that was destroyed in Hurricanes IVAN and KATRINA), I noticed the TOTAL ABSENCE of pelicans and sea gulls. Last year, pelicans flew overhead in V-formations of 5 or more. Gulls and pelicans had perched on every piling, last year. Only bird I saw, on sea or land, was ONE BLUE HERON. Weather was sunny to partly cloudy, in low to mid 80-degrees Fahrenheit, with a North wind shifting to Southwest about 2pm. Is there a reason for the absence of both sea and land birds in that area?

  • Site ID: ?????????
  • Lat: 30.3632009
  • Lng: -87.8310351
  • Waterbody Type: Bay
  • Timezone: America/Chicago

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