Lavergne Marsh

Ottawa River

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Location created by
Pat Tait
  • Lat: 45.4518175
  • Lng: -76.2841528
  • Waterbody Type: River
  • Timezone: America/Toronto

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Cloudy, windy, warm

26 Aug 10:55 by Pat Tait

Sounds of bullfrogs. Geese flying in formation overhead
Secchi site was very weedy. Unsure if secchi disappeared or was hidden by weeds. Water very murky.

26 Aug 18:14 by Pat Tait

Microplastic test done.
Zebra mussel block has disappeared. Will need to replace.
Water very brown and turbid

01 Jul 15:20 by Pat Tait

Mustard yellow soupy water. Could not see the weeds under the water as it was so murky

01 Jul 15:00 by Pat Tait

Water still very high. Saw canoe and a small fishing boat and deer. Saw osprey . Lots of broken limbs, logs and debris along shoreline. High water mark evident.

28 May 14:25 by Pat Tait

Water high with a lot of logs/debris due to flooding. No animals or birds. Marsh plants are late arriving. Pic of noticeable high water line at the marsh test site.

28 May 13:30 by Pat Tait

- a brisk breeze and very sunny
- flock of geese landed on the other side of the bay while we were testing here.
- one other boat besides ours
Mostly quiet

25 Sep 14:00 by Pat Tait

lots of bird sounds
Water extremely low
Partly sunny skies and calm

28 Aug 11:30 by Pat Tait

Dull spot.

31 Jul 15:55 by Kat Kavanagh