Madawaska at Ottawa rivers

Mouth of Madawaska River

Arnprior, Ontario, Canada

Water is fairly fast moving along shore of town of Arnprior and running alongside town effluence pipe. Town pipe dumps contents into Ottawa approximately 300 meters from the north west land point. Town filtration centre, manicured land, boat launch (with gas pumps), town marina and walking path run along northwest side of river (above pipe line). A supervised town beach runs along the curve and shoreline on Ottawa River. Shoreline on south east side of River includes a mix of natural shoreline, docks, yacht club and housing. Some rocky areas but all well marked. Busy boating area.

Location created by
Pat Tait
  • Lat: 45.4431247
  • Lng: -76.3491762
  • Waterbody Type: River
  • Timezone: America/Toronto

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Nobody swimming at beach. SUP and 2 fishing boats

28 Aug 17:45 by Pat Tait

A few people swimming at nearby public beach.
Cormorants and gulls plentiful.
People walking dogs.

24 Jul 11:00 by Pat Tait

Lots of boats - kayaks, sailboats, motorboats. Some swimmers at beach. Hikers, dogs, fishermen, gulls - busy area today.

26 Sep 13:58 by Pat Tait

River is choppy. Very windy.

26 Jul 10:41 by Pat Tait

Masses of deer flies.

27 Jun 11:20 by Pat Tait

Lots of people and dogs. Water calm.
Water cloudy and brown in main channel

26 Aug 12:30 by Pat Tait

Beautiful day and river is calm.

22 Jun 18:11 by Pat Tait

Weather cloudy. Significant current in main part of river probably due to dam upriver being open. Few people out. One other boater on the river.

27 May 12:38 by Pat Tait

Boaters, swimmers, walkers. A family fishing from a pedalboat. No breeze, no clouds, very hot. Dogs.

24 Sep 16:55 by Pat Tait

Be wary of the increased number of deadheads in the river.
A lot of human activity at this spot: fishing, sailing, wading and playing at the shoreline.

27 Aug 16:55 by Pat Tait