Ellis Ave. Bridge Crossing

Lynch Creek

Jackson, Mississippi, United States

Lynch Creek @ Ellis Ave. Bridge Crossing, Immediately N. of John R. Lynch St. Sampling behind the Subway Restaurant, just upstream of the bridge crossing.

Location created by
Mark Dugo
  • Site ID: LC_01
  • Lat: 32.2979252
  • Lng: -90.2279878
  • Waterbody Type: Creek
  • Timezone: America/Chicago

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Observation Tests Summary

Water Temperature ℃
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30.5 Latest
30.8 Average
Air Temperature ℃
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31.0 Latest
28.5 Average
E.coli per 100mL
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100 Latest
5133 Average
Other Coliform per 100mL
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10000 Latest
11750 Average
Total Coliform per 100mL
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10100 Latest
16883 Average
Incubation Time (hours)
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33.0 Latest
33.0 Average
Incubation Temperature ℃
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37.0 Latest
37.0 Average