Wascana Trails

Wascana Creek

Saskatchewan, Canada

Location created by
Amy Sanderson
  • Lat: 50.5564999
  • Lng: -104.8421001
  • Waterbody Type: Creek
  • Timezone: America/Regina

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Clear skies, water is higher at sampling site

27 Jun 10:04 by Amy Sanderson

Beautiful sunny day with few clouds and a slight breeze. Wascana Creek is up and flowing quickly.

01 Jun 12:16 by Amy Sanderson

Overcast skies and breezy

28 Sep 15:07 by Amy Sanderson

Sunny day, few clouds with a breeze; chilly morning with a low of 2 degrees Celsius

03 Sep 10:32 by Amy Sanderson

Beautiful sunny day with a slight breeze.

11 Aug 11:04 by Amy Sanderson

The new pH monitor was used for the first time today. Test strips indicated pH of 8.4 and the Preciva pH meter measured 8.8.

30 May 17:09 by Amy Sanderson

First water sample of 2020 at this location. Beautiful morning! A pair of mallards we’re swimming near the sample site.

08 May 10:26 by Amy Sanderson

The creek has iced over again.

21 Mar 13:20 by Amy Sanderson

Wascana Creek is now wide open. The remaining ice broke up overnight (see yesterday’s photos submitted).

07 Mar 13:51 by Amy Sanderson

There is open water on the creek and about a foot of water on top of the ice. The water appears yellow at the left (east) side of the bank. A dead muskrat (earlier was frozen into the ice) is floating along the bank. Did not bring sampling kit to submit water quality data.

06 Mar 14:04 by Amy Sanderson