Eight Mile Creek @ Goodman St

Mobile, Alabama, United States

Location created by
Cade Kistler
  • Site ID: ECGS
  • Lat: 30.7489998
  • Lng: -88.1325998
  • Waterbody Type: Creek
  • Timezone: America/Chicago

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Foul odor, pretty turbid, moving fast, air temp 7 degrees Celsius, not a lot of litter

27 Feb 10:48 by Cade Kistler

fast moving current, lots of rocks,

06 Dec 08:00 by Cade Kistler

-Air Temp: 2 Degrees
-Water Temp:9 Degrees
-lots of rocks
-natural water

13 Nov 09:22 by Cade Kistler

-Water is clear( can see the bottom) lot of velocity and rocks.
-Natural (down and upstreet)

13 Nov 09:11 by Cade Kistler

Vegetation has grown very well
The water is moving very quickly
There’re plenty of rocks
Some are dry
The water is clear
Quite a bit of trash, more than last time. Possible homeless presence.

28 Mar 14:48 by Cade Kistler