Toulmin Springs Branch @ Graham Ave

Mobile, Alabama, United States

Location created by
Cade Kistler
  • Site ID: TSGA
  • Lat: 30.7255998
  • Lng: -88.0925001
  • Waterbody Type: Stream
  • Timezone: America/Chicago

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Water has leaves in it. Moving rapidly No odor at this time ,oil, moving quickly

27 Feb 10:44 by Cade Kistler

Not a lot of flow ,no odor it’s clear there’s litter there hasn’t been rain in the last 24 hours it’s also cold

13 Nov 08:13 by Cade Kistler

The water is lower
Less trash

28 Mar 14:20 by Cade Kistler

The water is moving pretty quick
There’s a lot of liter around water
32.87 on fl ph probe 7.6

27 Feb 08:32 by Cade Kistler