To the right of the beach

Fisheye Lake

Yukon, Canada

Near the family beach. Just to the right of the new boat ramp a little out from the 'old' shoreline, before the lake rose

Location created by
Vincent James Slotte

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Regarding alkalinity, the test strip produces a bright blue. The test strip only goes to 240 but the indication is that alkalinity is well above that. This has been the case most times this year and seems often in the past as well. I just haven't said much about this until now.

25 Sep 09:38 by Vincent James Slotte

The alkalinity was bright blue, well beyond the 240 top end.
The hardness was also beyond the 800 top end.
This is a pothole lake but the water was higher than usual.

05 Jun 09:49 by Vincent James Slotte

The alkalinity was measured over 240 but since the test strip legend on the bottle tops out at 240 I can only reliably say it was at least 240

28 Aug 10:10 by Vincent James Slotte

With the 8.4 PH reading, the colour of the test indicated it was probably a higher reading if the reference scale went higher.

27 Sep 09:00 by Vincent James Slotte

As a pothole lake this water is unaffected by freshette

31 May 09:37 by Vincent James Slotte

The lake was mostly frozen over except for a location near the ramp. A pair of swans were feeding and resting.

27 Oct 11:30 by Vincent James Slotte

There is a light skiff of green algae on the surface of the water. Some kokanee are near the shore wishing to spawn. They don't look as haggard as expected for this time of year and they all appear to be does. These are stocked fish and that could be due to the source.

29 Sep 09:23 by Vincent James Slotte

No kokanee trying to spawn at beach yet... but I was told that they have been seen.

25 Aug 09:05 by Vincent James Slotte

Unlike the previous observation, the dock was in the lake and I took my sample from off of it

30 Jun 10:10 by Vincent James Slotte

Due to high conductivity reading I re-tested about 2 hrs later. The result was not much different.
Also the the alkalinity test strip came out bright blue? No greenish tint. The colour didn't make sense.

26 May 11:45 by Vincent James Slotte