Beachwalk Subdivision

Beachwalk Lagoon

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  • Concerned resident, Gene Gary, called with water conservation concerns.
    The new subdivision in St. Johns County, Beachwalk, is building a 14 acre lagoon, salt water treated, which requires 80k gallons of water each day to keep up with evaporation.
    She wants to know how it is possible to permit such a blatant waste of water, while asking nearby residents to limit their outdoor irrigation for water conservation at the same time.

    2018-11-01 08:34 EDT by Shannon Blankinship


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  • Description

    This is a new subdivision being built.
    It is known for its large manmade lagoon.

  • Lat: 30.07917073555697

    Lng: -81.47950171900447

    Timezone: America/New_York