Harris Narrows

Bonnechere River

Ontario, Canada

This is at the northerly end of the Deacon escarpment.

Location created by
Kim Emde

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Observations taken as part of Celebrate Our Rivers group paddle. Location is said to be Wilson's bay, and water was sampled on the lee of a pickerel weed bed on the southern point. It was a sunnier spot out of the wind. Flocking geese, mallard ducks, belted kingfishers, and cattle in the field, which were blocked from the river by electric fence. Very windy and wavy.

14 Sep 11:55 by Kim Emde

Very hot and humid day, clear skies after rain the previous night. Water looks dark, and there are aquatic plants, but the Secchi disk is clearly visible at the bottom.
There is a heron pair present, and a flock of Canada Geese. Large and small fish can be seen.

15 Sep 11:55 by Kim Emde