Adams Lake - Entrance

Adams Lake

Ontario, Canada

Location created by
Steve Nichol

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Six Black Ducks present.

22 Sep 17:35 by Steve Nichol

Lots of small Lily pads. More than usual.

27 Aug 19:15 by Steve Nichol

Water clear. No sign of Algae on surface.

30 Jul 19:15 by Steve Nichol

More evidence of weeds than would usually be expected at this point in the season.

23 Jun 18:55 by Steve Nichol

1 adult and 5 young black ducks present

28 Aug 18:45 by Steve Nichol

Rainy and overcast today
Great blue sitting in water
Can see bottom lots of weeds

27 Sep 14:40 by Doris Albert

Weeds and Lily pads now present.

28 Jun 10:34 by Steve Nichol

lily pads and considerable amount of boat traffic in a narrow passage.

26 Jul 15:15 by Steve Nichol

Lots of lily pads.

28 Jun 18:20 by Steve Nichol

total chlorine 1
lots of lily pads.

25 Aug 13:35 by Doris Albert