Lake ontario


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Location created by
Brenda Chamberlain
  • Site ID: Cherry beach
  • Lat: 43.6355782
  • Lng: -79.3448067
  • Waterbody Type: Lake
  • Timezone: America/Toronto

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Cherry Beach in Toronto. Rocky shoreline made for a lot of laughter stepping into Lake Ontario. Depending on one's perspective, rocks tickle/hurt feet. Green coated ones along the west side of Cherry Beach made for slippery conditions as well. Warm day, super sunshine. Lots of paddlers, sail boats, swimmers, and sunbathers enjoying the lake. BBQ held for Lake Ontario Waterkeeper volunteer water monitoring team. Warmest water I've ever felt --- 28.5 degrees. Didn't believe the thermometer so we tried another. Same reading. Hot water! Speculating the rocks and shallow area where we tested today helped heat up the water. Felt wonderful.

16 Sep 15:50 by Korice Moir

No swimming One, craft zone

01 Sep 19:52 by Brenda Chamberlain