RVCA Watershed

Rideau River

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Go down trail in Baxter Conservation area and the observation bridge at the RVCA Watershed plaque

Location created by
Matt Ross

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Overcast with just a few sunny patches and no rain in past 24 hrs. Green algae slime atop the surface of the water in some spots. Haven’t been able to test here since 2022 as the boardwalk was closed off to be restored . It’s not mostly completed but access to the water for testing , other than depth, isn’t possible yet until the remainder of the boardwalks are completed. Will try again next spring or summer when back here again.

19 Nov 10:15 by Don Ross

Sunny calm day with some rain in past 24 hours. No visible wildlife, although could hear a single bird calling in the distance. Group of young kids attending forest school sitting around the campfire with their teachers at the main entrance today.

01 Nov 08:50 by Heather Ross

Sunny with just a few clouds and fairly windy. Lots of horseflies around. Lilly pads, algae, some purple loosestrife, etc. Some songbirds , including a yellow finch. Spoke with some folks who showed a real interest in the testing so we chatted about it and explained how the tests work. Gave them WR cards they will share with their friends who are biologists. Glider planes flying nearby.

02 Aug 23:02 by Don Ross

Sunny day with some clouds and moderate winds. No rain in past 24 hours. Lots of green algae bloom covering much of the marsh and many lily pads. Some frogs croaking here , few hornets and plenty of mosquitoes everywhere. Glider planes flying overhead from the nearby airport.

20 Jun 13:55 by Don Ross

Sunny day with some clouds forming. No rain in past 24 hours. Some ducks swimming about in the water , lots of cattails , and further out in the river boats could be seen. Nice lady stopped on the boardwalk where we were testing and was interested in watching us and learning about the tests so our grandkids helped us explain each test to her as we did them and gave her a card to go to the website to learn more. They were good little ambassadors for Water Rangers today and she left us with a real smile on her face. :)

07 Nov 14:15 by Heather Ross

Partly cloudy and very windy today. Thunderstorms and rain in past 24 hours.

25 Aug 14:20 by Don Ross

Mild winds and partly cloudy after there was a rain storm today and yesterday. Lots of mosquitoes walking to the area where we test, birds seen and heard. Water very murky and high along the boardwalk. Many bullrushes and purple loosestrife.

10 Aug 18:25 by Don Ross

rainy and windy last 24 hours .currently sunny and winds that are medium . there are large amounts of lily pads and bull rushes. pollon floating on the surface of the water.

20 Oct 11:40 by Don Ross

A lot of lillypads, green algae, birds singing, bubbles coming up from the bottom, saw lots of frogs, tall cat tails and dragon flies

18 Aug 16:24 by Matt Ross